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Haggard included the lyric, “What I hate is looking up and seeing chemtrails in a clear blue sky today” in his song called “What I Hate” that was included. As lawyers across the US discuss filing the "Mother of All Lawsuits" against Boeing, Bush and the US Air Force, their case now appears tight enough to force further disclosures. The trails you. Photograph: Flickr Scientists roundly reject the chemtrails theory, which started to gain followers in the mid-1990s. CHEMTRAIL FLU - HAVE YOU GOT IT YET? by missiongalacticfreedom You’re sick. Medications can help relieve symptoms, and some people also try alternative therapies, such as essential oils. See full list on thoughtcatalog. Len Horowitz. They also stated that the chemtrails. flu chemtrails 2020. CDC genetically characterized 2,463 influenza viruses collected in the U. is headed into severe weather season. This is whats causing us all to fall sick de. 14 4 5 6 >> log in. 2020 Pentagon study: Flu vaccines increase risk of coronavirus by 36% Examining non-influenza viruses specifically, the odds of coronavirus in vaccinated individuals were significantly higher when compared to unvaccinated individuals with an odds ratio (association between an exposure and an outcome) of 1. posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 05:52 AM All content copyright 2020,. KEVIN HAYDEN – TRUTHISTREASON. 5/3/6 – (YourNewsWire. Michigan Visiting Nurses accepts the following insurance: Aetna Front Path Health Coalition Molina Healthcare of Michigan – Medicaid and Medicare Aetna Medicare HAP Molina Healthcare of MI Alliance Health & Life HAP Senior Plus Paramount Care – Medicare. A strain of the virus was first detected at a free-range egg farm in Lethbridge, north-west of Geelong, in late July. More people die of heart attacks than cancer. “Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses. Leonard Horowitz. “The fact of the matter is, we have seen this type of an epidemic since the end of 1998 and the beginning of 1999. Why is he making vaccines? From Dictionary. ” He says it is an “emerging problem” that is being faced all around the world, with the toxic gases, chemicals, virus particles, heavy metals and other gases that are being sprayed into the atmosphere leading to problematic levels of respiratory infections. chemtrails and other health threats. Clearly, the CDC combines flu and pneumonia in one category, and calls it “flu,” in order to lie about the number of flu deaths in the US, and thus push the flu vaccine. CHEMTRAILS INTERNATIONAL has 3,326 members. Mandatory Flu Vaccines, Being Arrested For Anti-COVID FB Posts & Canada Now Using PreCrime. share: superluminal11. Among a recently-released assortment of declassified reports of sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) from New Zealand, dating from 1952-2009, were letters written in 1999 and 2000 by a concerned citizen, who predicted that an outbreak of illnesses would occur after an “aircraft contrail,” otherwise known as a ‘chemtrail’, was seen over a populated area. Your body aches, You’re sweaty, coughing, sneezing and you don’t have enough energy to get out of bed. At these altitudes any exhausted or sprayed particles will be carried by the winds over very large distances before they touch the ground. Programming Your Children for the Mark of the Beast July 21, 2020 ⚠️ Urgent Message From the Constabulary 😨🤔😁 July 21, 2020; Conclusive Proof — Masks Do Not Inhibit Viral Spread July 21, 2020; Face Masks Turn us Into Voiceless Submissives – And It’s Not Science Forcing us to Wear Them, It’s Politics July 20, 2020. He's got air traffic controllers identifying chemtrail sprayers on radar for crying out loud!. Len Horowitz. 14 4 5 6 >> log in. its chemtrail flu. Chemtrail flu – Help your body defend against these pathogens Often dismissed as normal exhaust plumes emitted by jet planes, chemtrails is a colloquial term used to describe the cloud-like formations that initially appear in the sky as straight or curved lines or x’s. from September 29, 2019. The best way to understand why the coronavirus pandemic exploded worldwide in the very same year that the military deployment of 5G was greatly advanced in China, Italy, South Korea, United States and other IT-savvy nations is to view them both as a binary weapon system, which is then coordinated with vaccine programs and chemtrail operations to function as a quaternary. Pentagon Study: Flu Shot Raises Risk of Coronavirus by 36% (Other Supporting Studies) April 18, 2020 This article was posted by TLB Staff Analysis, GOVERNMENT, HEALTH, Spotlight 0 Pentagon Study: Flu Shot Raises Risk of Coronavirus by 36% (and Other Supporting Studies) By Robert F. from September 29, 2019, to April 4, 2020. Having failed, apparently, to poison us sufficiently with chemtrails for the past 11 years, they now turn to direct poisoning via inoculations. Latest reports of what is being called a deadly Swine Flu outbreak in Ukraine according to on sight reports appear to be a political concoction by a threatened government to avoid election defeat and possibly declare martial law. It’s a conspiracy, according to Dr. No, it has nothing to do with vaccine-induced immunity being the only way to control this wholly manufactured and ongoing pandemic triggered by their bioengineered novel coronavirus which has been stealthily disseminated throughout 5G-intensive urban areas around the world. Last year, in the 2018-2019 flu season FluMist Quadrivalent nasal spray (LAIV4), a live attenuated vaccine, returned to the U. Leonard Horowitz. 5mL dose has been updated to age 6 months and older. At some point, Peter Fairley will realize he's in a hole and will stop digging. Thom Dunn / 7:06 am Tue, May 12, 2020 Someone dubbed Alex Jones' ranting over video of Chuck E. The heartbreaking story from the Dayton Daily News on Monday reported that the flu has just claimed the life of a 4th child in Ohio in just the past two weeks and while the overall level of those being hospitalized for flu-related symptoms appear to be leveling off there, we learn in several other new stories from across America. The former U. The trails you. Chemtrails Project UK is part of a growing worldwide movement that is raising awareness of chemtrails and taking action to ban climate geoengineering and weather modification. CDC genetically characterized 2,463 influenza viruses collected in the U. The other one was Merle Haggard. In case you plan to rush out and get a flu vaccine, you might want to read this abstract, and also share with your pro vaccine friends. (Infowars, the website of America’s leading conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, would quickly wonder on the day of Prince’s death if the “CHEMTRAIL FLU” that the rock star “spoke out against. It’s not the flu according to Dr. Frankenfood in fact. A university-trained medical researcher, Horowitz, 48, charges that elements of the United States government are conspiring with major pharmaceutical companies to make large segments of the population sick. At these altitudes any exhausted or sprayed particles will be carried by the winds over very large distances before they touch the ground. The Last American Vagabond – September 2nd, 2020 See Also: (TLAV) – As The US Government Spends More On War That The Rest Of The World Combined, They Point To China Also: (TLAV) – CDC Says 94% of COVID Deaths Had Other Medical Issues, New. Friday, May 8, 2020. Another popular theory is that chemtrails are well-intentioned attempts by the government to combat global warming or the depletion of the ozone layer by spraying particles into the atmosphere to deflect the sun's radiation — so called-albedo modification. Aircraft contrails – the white streaks aircraft leave in the sky – could be as bad for the climate as their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Over the past 10 years, Horowitz has become America’s most controversial medical authority. 2020 Flu Immunization Clinic Calendar. Interim estimates of 2019-2020 flu vaccine effectiveness have been released. For the 2019-2020 season, the CDC is recommending the nasal spray vaccine again, along with flu shots. Chemtrail theories are not only a U. -based phenomena—almost 17% of respondents in an international survey noted a belief in the existence of a "secret large scale atmospheric program" to be at. Look-Up / Chemtrails Aircraft must fly at altitudes of 7500m (25,000 ft) at least, to be able to produce visible contrails. He's still digging. September 2, 2020 Rich Winkel Leave. As well as the ravages of urbanization and industralization on the vitality of the environment, our immune systems are also being challenged by EMF smog, nuclear radiation and the chemtrail assault. Mallard told Becca Vandb that ‘99% of people would know those are just contrails,’ and said that she is ‘so immersed in a fringe subculture’ that ‘she is a danger to her daughter. Sunlight is an essential macronutrient, meaning: We cannot make it ourselves, when we do not get enough, we get sick, without it, we die. The amazing alignment of the pyramids. com) Boulder Judge D. population with mysterious substances" from aircraft "generating unusual contrail patterns. Your body aches, You're sweaty, coughing, sneezing and you don't have enough energy to get out of bed. NASA Lithium Chemtrails Conspiracy Conspiracy web sites discovered an old recorded phone call between a NASA scientist and a conspiracy theorist, and concluded the agency was dosing Americans with. so that I may bring forth good fruits but I can see I will not be able to at this point in my growth if I continue thinking on these things - daily that said - I will drop by much less often and see how that works out for me Take care all - and I wish you all well. Last year, in the 2018-2019 flu season FluMist Quadrivalent nasal spray (LAIV4), a live attenuated vaccine, returned to the U. I’m going to call this the“Geoengineering Escalation of 2016. They are shocked to realize that what they had been reading about (and studying photographs of) is also taking place right over their heads. The artist known as Prince has died suddenly of a mysterious illness, just like Merle Haggard, and both men previously spoke out against chemtrails many have suggested are responsible for a surge in respiratory illnesses. XHTML: You can use these tags: > log in.
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